Help Haiti Art Auction

Hello everyone –

You all should head over to my friend Daron’s web site and check out the wonderful photographs that me and some other art students have posted, I think there’s also a painting too.  Really awesome matted and framed prints go off to the highest bidder, most artists have two up.  It’s for a good cause, we’re sending the money we raise to a charity to help relief efforts in Haiti; the bidding is part of a nation wide auction that started on Valentine’s Day put on by the Help-Portrait blog.  Help-Portrait has rallied people all over the country to do some great individual art auctions as of late that have gone to some pretty good causes, and now their out to help Haiti.

If you’d like to vote on one of my images below, head to Daron’s blog and post a bid.
Here’s some more info:

Come to the gallery showing of the artwork we are auctioning off to benefit Haiti Relief! 

Current OSU students, alumni, and members of the Corvallis community are hosting an online auction of their photography and other art to benefit for Haiti relief. We plan to donate 100% of the profit to Mercy Corps, a charity that …is helping the people of Haiti overcome the tragedy they were faced with on January 12, 2010.

To bring awareness to our auction, and to have a place where we can show the work that is being auctioned, Impulse Bar and Grill has agreed to host a gallery showing and party on February 27, 2010. The artwork will be shown until 5 pm; however, bids must be made online.

To place bids go to

During the evening, Impulse will charge a $3 cover, donating 100% of proceeds to Mercy Corps. A slideshow of the auction pieces will be shown throughout the night. The evening event is 21 and over!

We can all make a difference, however large or small. Don’t miss this chance to see some great artwork, have fun, and bring awareness to a great cause. Thank you!

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Megan and Francesca

These are photos from last spring, I was doing a longer shoot in 6×7 cm black and white film for a school project.  These were some extra digital shots I took during the shoot.

I didn’t use any strobes or on-camera flashes or anything; I wanted a bright, ephemeral, sort of soft feel.  Looking back though I think there are a couple pictures I would re-do with some lights, I think some of the photos could benefit from a fill flash.

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Joan GuralnickFebruary 20, 2010 - 2:08 pm

I want 4, 8, 9 & 10. i think I want them in B&W. Maybe sepia. color is good. 5 x 7 or maybe 8 x 10. I could play with prints on paper to see.

Katie and Kevin

These shots were from a wedding I did last September.  The wedding was in Gearhart, OR, it was a beautiful sunny Oregon summer day.  Katie and Kevin had their ceremony on the beach were we did some shots of just the two of them afterward, their reception was at the McMenamin’s golf club house in town.

A very beautiful little wedding, and I think the shots came out nicely.

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