OSU Character Project

These were a series of photos I did for a project last spring.  Basically I was trying to represent the diversity of Oregon State University through portraits of different people in different areas and groups of study and affiliation.

I don’t really consider the project finished, but right now it’s at a stand still.  Ideally I’d like to continued and get like 30-35 photos of different students and professors.

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First Term Down

Fall term is done here at OSU, and I started a new job at the Corvallis Mac Store.

I just wanted to have an updated post.  The photo above really has nothing to do with The Mac Store, but it’s one of my favorites.  I’ll post more sports pics soon!


New Site!

Alright, after many months of school, work, crashing my own website, and trying to figure out which open source blog program is better, I finally have a website back up.  So welcome to my photo blog.


I’ll keep an update on projects I’m working on, new assignments, and portfolio stuff.  Thanks for visiting!_BAR9368.3