Jeff and Michelle

Jeff and Michelle Hamilton…
A wedding I shot with my friend Daron back in June.  The wedding was up in Seattle near Seattle Pacific University, it was in this very well lit studio they rented out for the ceremony and the reception; made for some very cool, very high key ceremony photos.  It was basically the frist long shoot I did with my 5D, shot the whole thing in RAW and totalled about 36GB in photos…

It was a beautiful wedding, lots of fun, lots of quirky things.  One of their colors was purple, all the men in the wedding party wore purple vans for shoes, except the ushers who wore green vans, it was cool.  Jeff’s younger brother got ordained online and married the two of them, and their reception dinner was breakfast, their favorite food – part of the whole IHOP thing.  Also they are both US Marshalles, the cake topper figurines both have handguns – the last picture.

All in all, very fun, very good experience.

“By the power vested in me by the Sate of Washington and Universe Life Church… dot ORG, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

The groom and all the groomsmen wore purple vans instead of dress shoes, pretty awesome…

When we did a shoot of just Jeff and Michelle, we went into a IHOP up the street from where the wedding was and made some photos in there; the IHOP where the two of them often went as friends, and where they had their first date, right across the street from Seattle Pacific U.  Kinda different, but I think it made for some interesting photos.

The first dance

Father daughter dance

Father…. son, dance?

Groom and best man

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