New England in 36 hours (sort of..)


This started as a practice editorial, titled “36 Hours in (some location)”.  The idea being to put together a photo package describing different things to do and see, and places to eat and stay, in a decided region for approximately 36 hours.  If you had 36 hours, what would/could you do?

These photos are what I started to put together; I didn’t get everything I wanted to before we left the NE area.  My idea for the weekend-warrior-esk vacation was Rhode Island Massachusetts.  They are from back in the fall again, visiting Francesca’s family in Rhode Island.  Was trying to practice some on-site, off-camera-lit portraits. Miller Mobley was partial inspiration; a NYC based photographer I admire.

I started with Truro Vineyards, of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Very lovely winery, and some very good wine.  Not to mention a beautiful setting, not a bad stop if you’re on your way out the cape.

Then you can head all the way to the tip of Cape Cod and visit Province Town, and walk down the Province Town jetty.  Very neat little artisan town, lots of good food.  The east coast’s own “little San Francisco”… If you’ve been there you’ll know.Then back to Newport, Rhode Island, for more more good food and plenty of sea-walks.  Lots of cool shops, and bars with live music from local musicians.  Cool place to hang out.Local fishermen (and women).Then back to Boston, Mass., for the freedom trail.  Definitely worth doing on your own, outside of a tour,  going at your own pace, seeing everything, and stoping at some little cafes along the way for REALLY good coffee and sandwiches.

Red coats.

The North East is a great place to visit if you haven’t.  TONS of American history there, TONS.

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Joan GuralnickMay 7, 2012 - 2:50 am

What a great photojournal of your visit. I still the Truro Vineyards tree. I am amazed you captured its height as well as the house it stood next to.

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