On Assignment: awesome central Oregon sports

MUD-VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT: Central Oregon Pumpkin Co., Terrebonne, Oregon

I’ve been covering a lot of what The Bulletin calls “community sports” with writer Katie Brauns, they basically seem to be amateur, sometimes weird or “unusual”, occasionally sort of country (I mean that in a completely awesome way), community based sports tournaments.  This one was no different, full of country goodness, it was awesome; a volleyball tournament, in the mud, with half naked people.  What more could you ask for?

**This post is kinda long, it’s basically three stories in one.  But they are all community sports in central Oregon.

Little girls bathing in mud…

SAGEBRUSH SKEDDADEL: Bearly There Ranch, Redmond, Oregon

There was even a “Temptation Island”, Mascot Dave from Deek and Brian’s in Portland was handing out beer and whiskey.

Some racers even stopped to take pulls off the whiskey.

Left: Little do these people know that these “monkey bars” end half way over the pit.

This adventure race, which was part of a weekend of sponsored “X-Dog Games” in Redmond, was actually pretty intense.  There were lot’s of crazy obstacles, and funny stuff like a guy handing out booze at the water stop.  It was fun, had a nice country feel to it.  There were lots of dirty people and it looked like a lot of fun, I kind of wanted to join in.




SCOOTER COMPETITION: Truck Stop Skate Park, Bend, Oregon

So this was another community sports assignment at The Bulletin, a fairly large scooter competition in Bend.  And if you don’t get it yet, these are guys on “Razor” scooters – don’t call them that though or you’re obviously an outsider – doing tricks and flips, and big air competitions; like you’d see at a skateboarding competition, but you know, scooters…

It was pretty awesome, and just like with skating, there were pretty young kids that were really good, doing stuff that would kick my ass.  And there was even a pro of the scooter world there (he’s the guy in the yellow helmet), he was 17 and damn good, and sponsored by top scooter companies.

Yeah, that’s a dude on a scooter, upside down.


Left: Big air competion

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