Okay, so here’s a bunch of old “sportraits” – so they’re called – from my Barometer days.  This stuff I really like doing.  Some are better than others.All these posts are just making up for lost time… Trying to show different things I’ve done.  More recent stuff will come soon, it’s hard to post newspaper (Bulletin) stuff right away, can’t give away stories before they run.

Above: Keaton Kristik and OSU 2009 defensive line.

Sean Canfield, OSU football 2009Brian and Anthony Watkins, OSU football 2009James Dockery, OSU football 2009

Lance Mitchell, OSU football 2009Becky Colvin, OSU gymnastics 2009Robbie Christner, OSU mens soccer, 2008Claire Pierce, OSU gymnastics, 2008Leslie Mak, OSU gymnastics, 2009Jenni Dole, OSU swimming 2009Kyle Bressler, OSU wrestling 2009Paige Lowe, OSU softball 2009

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