Sweet Delicious Mexican

Upon moving to Hua Hin we’ve made a lot of friends here (which is cool, something that didn’t happen to a great extent in Chachoengsao). Two of those friends happen to be two Texican cousins [Hugo and Ed] that own a brand new little Mexican joint here in town.  (This might be a little dramatic, but I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the best Mexican food outside North America).  The restaurant is called Margaritas, appropriate seeing how they also have delicious margaritas.  The Thai food in Hua Hin is delicious and still the best way to go for cheap eats, but if you’re craving something different it’s nice to be able to get good food of a different variety.  And being one of my favorite types, Mexican was something I was seriously missing since leaving the states.

So these photos are all for the guys’ new menu, they asked me to shoot some for them.  Drinks and food.  Hope they make your mouth water.

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