Waterfalls and Elephants [Pala-U, Thailand]

So it’s officially been a week and a day since we’ve been back in the US from Thailand.  I wanted to share these photos before we left but things at work got crazy and trying to pack everything up and get our affairs in order before we left took priority.  So now I feel behind in blogging (more muay thai photos and some sky shots are coming).

Pala-U [pronounced pa-la-oo] Waterfall is only about an hour and a half drive by motorbike from Hua Hin, Thailand.  It’s a beautiful waterfall set in a national park in the middle of the jungle, and an easy day trip to make from Hua Hin.  The cheapest way being to rent a motorbike for the day.

Two weeks before we left Thailand a good friend of mine came to visit us in Hua Hin for the week.  While working during the day it was hard to think of good things for him to do with and without us in the limited time we had.  The the day before he left we headed out to Pala-U, thinking it would be a good way for him to see something a little more “real” in Thailand.  It’s pretty thick jungle and a beautiful drive with plenty of wildlife; and if you’re on the road before 10 am or after 4 pm (sometimes earlier), there’s a good chance you’ll see some wild elephants (which we did!)

A nice ripe dragon fruit that we brought with us on our hike for a snack.

As promised, here are the elephants.  This first shot I was standing in the middle of the road as this big guy was walking towards me, with Francesca sitting on the motorbike saying, “Jeff.. Jeff!  Get on the bike, get on the bike, GET ON THE BIKE!”

The last shot Francesca popped as we were running (calmly driving) away from the elephant.  It was a tad sketchy at first; although he wasn’t charging us or anything, he walked very fast… and our little single-cylinder automatic motor bike was struggling to get going up the hill as fast as we would have liked.

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